I am Sayan Chowdhury. I come from a small-town in India, Jamshedpur, moved to Bangalore around in 2013. In the day, I’m a software engineer working remotely from my cozy little room. I currently work as a Linux Software Engineer at Microsoft. I’ve dabbled with multiple computer science islands in the past, from building desktop apps, to web, to infrastructure, to now landed in the kernel land. I’ve also been part of various open source communities around Python, Fedora, Kubernetes, Mozilla, etc. I like to talk about {Python, Containers, Golang, Infrastructure, Cloud, Fedora, Community, Open Source}

/me also likes {Artist, Bouldering, Trek, Coffee, Rubiks Cube, Photography, Anime, Programmer, Swimming, Movies, Boardgames} «- this is what happens in remote, when you learn that you need a life outside computers :)

A perfect example of jack of all trades, master of None.