Lot of things to do!

Lot of things to do!

Lot of things to do!

This was continuously revovlving around my head for last 2 weeks. I had to deploy the work i had done on staging instance and test it. But wait! I had never written a setup.py before, never made a RPM package before.

While in college, I had a fascination toward RPM packaging as most of my college seniors had created a RPM package sometime or other. During Mukti 2011, I had attended a RPM packaging workshop by Rahul Sundaram(mether), so i had the idea of how to package a RPM.

But well before that i had to write a setup script for darkserver. Though the basic setup.py did not take much time, but i got stuck when it came to include staticfiles in setup.py. After a lot of googling and seraching, the result was null. So i asked in #python IRC channel, when Ned Batchelder helped me out. Finally, I got a link to package a Django app titled- Packaging a Django resuable app

After completing writing setup.py, I started working on building RPM packaging. Here are some links:

After completing rpm packaging, it’s time for koji scratch build. And i did it but while installing it in the staging instance, something happened. I had used target as rawhide instead of dist-6E-epel while koji scratch build. Nevermind, I repeated the steps and voilà, i successfully perform a fresh install of the package and everything was working properly.:)

And, with that Google Summer of Code came to an End.

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