There has been a lot of changes since I last posted my blog.

Darkserver’s command line dashboard now supports the secondary architecture. You can easily shutdown the darkproducer of specifying which architecture to shutdown.

.. code::

dark> shutdown darkproducer arch

The support for multiple buildqueues was removed.

After a rigorous testing on my laptop, i pushed the code to the dev instance that was assigned to me. But, a mysterious error happened, nor the pid or the daemon of darkproducer was getting created. Due to which the complete project came to a halt. Later, it was figured out that i was passing the config(—config) argument as a relative path of the conf file, rather than the absolute path which created all this trouble. So, the proper way to start the darkproducer is:

.. code::

$ python darkproducer —start=157435 --config=/home/sayan/Development/darkserver/configs/darkserverurl-arm.conf

Darkserver also now has a web dashboard which shows the status of the darkproducer, darkbuildqueue and the darkjobworkers.

.. image:: ../galleries/web_dashboard-800x600.png :width: 100% :align: center