Flock 2016 was held in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland from August 2nd - August 5th, 2016.

Day -1

Reached Krakow tired. Spent most of the time sleeping.

Day 0

A lot of attendees started coming in. Met with a lot of people IRL whom I generally talked over on IRC. In the afternoon, we went out for the city tour. Visiting the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory was a place I always wanted to visit ever since I watched the movie Schindler’s List.

We wandered on the streets of Krakow for an hour and returned back to the hotel. In the evening, we headed to a nearby mall for dinner along with the Fedora folks.

Day 1

Joe Brockmeier(jzb) kicked off the Flock-2016 followed by Matthew Miller talking on “State of Fedora”. mattdm gave some insights on the contributor-base, the user-base with interesting graphs and how things are progressively getting better over time

Next, I attended Adam’s talk “Introducing Fedora Docker Layered Image builds”. Ever since I joined the team I have seen him working on this. He gave a good explanation on how Fedora would be distributing Docker images along with RPMs.

After lunch, I spend some time working on the waartaa demo. Next, I attended the talk “Fedora’s MirrorManager - now and the future” by Adrian. The talk covered on how the components work. Adrian talked about the past and how pingou helped with the project’s migration. Planning to read through the arch/code post-flock.

Next, I attended “Mailman 3 and HyperKitty” by Aurelien where he talked about Mailman 3, Postorius and Hyperkitty. Fedora recently migrated the mailing lists to Hyperkitty so Aurelien demoed the lists, explained the issues faced and how one can contribute to the project.

Day 2

Got up with high fever and sore throat. The day started with the keynote by Radek from Akademia Programowania. He spoke about Akademia Programowania and demoed how they teach programming to kids. I have been seeing a few of the tools for last few years but it was interesting to see things they have built on top of that. Programming for fun :)

Next, “Kirk, McCoy, and Spock build the future of Fedora” by mattdm. He explained how on to plan out things. Setting up goals and steps to backtrack to achieve them. Waiting to watch this talk online again.

After the talk, I spent some time in the reception preparing for my talk. Post lunch I attended talk “Nulecule - Packaging multi-container applications” by Ratnadeep Debnath. He introduced ADB - Atomic Developer Bundler, the need of a better way to package the multi-container app. He walked us through Nulecule, Atomic App along with a demo of Nulecule applications.

Next talk I attended was “Living on the edge: Using rawhide day to day” - Kevin Fenzi. He talked about why and how he moved to rawhide and how he has been using it for 3 years now. He gave tips on how one can migrate to rawhide and deal with issues one might face. /me planning to move but not the primary development machine.

Next up was my talked “Bugyou: Report bugs automatically from fedmsg”. I introduced them to fedmsg and how the infrastructure applications use them. Next, I introduced them with why bugyou was created? and how it works. I also demoed them on how one can add plugins and how it will be interacting with the issue tracking tools. The talk completed ahead of time. There was some good conversation on why bugyou and statscache working on same logic don’t share the code.

The talked almost killed my throat. After the talk, I had a discussion with David Duncan on fedimg, modifications and about introducing new regions.

“Realtime IRC chat on Fedora Hubs” was my next talk. We discussed about Fedora Hubs, the motive behind it. We talked about ircb and it’s integration with Fedora Hubs. Good to see a lot of people chipping in for the talk. After the talk, we had a question on why not xmpp? - which actually turned into a long discussion. We got some really good inputs too.

Day 3

Fever continues. I skipped few of the lighting talks in the beginning and joined in later. After that, I moved to Automation workshop where Ralph kept the workshop open ended for the people to join in, state their problem and automate it.

Though towards the end of the workshop, I was not quite well so I planned to take some rest. I joined in later at the Infrastructure workshop where various components of the Infra as discussion and how things can be better. One of them was making fedimg upload images to fedorainfracloud. Link

Day 4

Fever goes down a bit. I joined in for the Ansible session where misc talked on tips and how to approach. He walked us through the Mailman3 ansible script within Fedora Infrastructure correcting things on the way.

Post lunch, Fedora Hubs Hackfest it was lead by Pierre-Yves Chibon. Máirín Duffy, Szymon, and Eric joined us remotely. Pierre talked on Past, Present, and Future of Fedora Hubs. He demoed through the various components of Hubs and how it can be used. The demo got some really good feedback.

Apart from the talks, I hacked with Aurelien on Hyperkitty. We discussed the issues, workflow etc. I also got myself working on an issue too.

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