I left early for the venue as haseeb had the first talk of the day and I was volunteering for the Python track.

The day started off with a talk by Stephanie Taylor on Introduction to GSoC, and GCI. She talked about the programs Google Summer of Code and Google Code In. She shared some statistics from the past years. The students of GCI last year completed more than 4k tasks, among them 1k+ was done by the students under FOSSASIA organization.

After the talk, I moved to Pauling Hall to host the Python Track. The track started of with a keynote talk by Kushal. The first talk of the day was by Ivan Zimine on Test driven development with pytest.

The next talk was by me. I was talking about the Fedora Infrastructure, how the projects within the Fedora Infrastructure communicate and how one can start contributing. During the Q/A session, people enquired if someone from Singapore contributes to the Fedora Infrastructure projects and How we decide upon which projects to work on and How do we prioritize?

Kushal talked and demoed Tunir, explained the utility of Tunir and the latest features it has.

During the break we assembled down for the group photo.

After the break, Shahab talked on designing Command Line Application in Python. He demoed the module docopt in Python and compared it with other modules like click.

Sundeep talked and demoed how to talk to Zanata Server using a python client. Following Sundeep’s talk, Praveen presented a wonderful and engaging talk on How Science Classroom can be with Python and ExpEYES.

Yask talked about his experiences on building a proper UI/UX for a wiki engine. Following the talk was my second talk on ircb - the IRC bouncer as a service we have been working on. I explained why the need of ircb and how it will be integrated with Fedora Hubs

The day ended with a Python 3 workshop by Kushal Das.

In between the talked, I went out to visit the exhibition area where I got to meet with fellow open source contributors.