26th of October 2015, I joined Red Hat as a part of the Fedora Engineering Team.

I have been contributing to the Fedora for couple of years now starting from the contributing to askbot-devel while we were gearing up for the Ask Fedora release. This year in July, I along with kushal, rtnpro, praveenkumar started working on Autocloud, as a part of the Two-Week Atomic during the Fedora 23 cycle. So, I last couple of years of I have met and worked with a lot of people in the Fedora community. Joining Fedora was like working with friends.

I joined as a remotee working from Pune. I will be primarily working on different applications in the Fedora Infrastructure

First Week

I was handed over a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, it turned out to be a good working machine with good configs. I started using mutt as my email client, pass for managing passwords, taskwarrior and bugwarrior to manage my tasks and bugs.

Chalked out a plan for Bugyou and worked on a POC. Bugyou is an automatic bug reporting tool that consumes the messages from fedmsg and file bugs to different bug tracking tools for registered topics. I wrote down a fedmsg consumer that would be consuming the failed and the successful messages and file tickets from them pagure.

Second and Third Week.

During these two weeks, my primary focus was on deploying Bugyou. I fixed a couple of bugs in libpagure, which is a Python library for the Pagure APIs. I started packaging python-libpagure and making it ready for deployment as it was dependecies for Bugyou. python-libpagure being my first RPM package I spent a lot of time reading through the guidelines, fixing the issues in accordance to the review given in the review request.

I added some management commands for Autocloud to abort long running task and also to re-queue tasks. I also started with learning golang and wrote a minimalist logging framework from brume.

We also had a Python3 Porting FAD on November 14-15 where I ported the python-retask to Python 3. Retask is a python module to create and manage distributed task queue/job queue.

Fourth Week

I worked with a feature in pagure to show the list of commits before a particular commit hex. I gave a demo of Bugyou the Fedora Release Engineering Tools Demo. At the end of the week, I had my New Hire Orientation programme where I learnt more about the culture, people and met new people at Red Hat.

It seems to be exciting road ahead!.

Currently, I am working on a new architecture for Bugyou. If you are looking forward to help, come to #fedora-apps on freenode.