I spent the last weekend of June at FUDCon India. FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference organized in different parts of the world. The last FUDCon APAC that happened in India was in 2011 which i could not attend because of my college. Being a Fedora user for 6 years now I always wanted to attend one FUDCon. FUDCon APAC this year was held at MIT College of Enginnering Pune.

I submitted talks on “fedmsg” and an 101 workshop on Flask. Flask being one of the primary framework in most of the fedora-infra project. rtnpro and I thought of introducing the guys with basics of Flask and how to get started with Fedora Infra

Day 0

rtnpro and I reached Pune late night.

Day 1

I reached the venue MITCoE pretty early at around 7:30am. I helped the voluteer setups the standees. The event started with the key note by Dennis Gilmore on Delivering Fedora for everything and everyone. The keynote was followed by Education Panel where the panel discussed on open source and education.

After that I headed to attend the talks on DNF. Parag gave an introduction to fedora’s new package manager and how it was architecture was re-built

Vaidik in his talk on Vagrant for Effective DevOps Culture talked on how Wingify utilizes vagrant for setting up their dev environment close to the prod environment.

After the talk I headed over to the speaker’s lounge and worked on my talk presentation.

The last talk that I attended was Introduction to networkd.

Day 2

The day started with a really good talk by Jiri Eishchmann on Present and Future of Fedora Workstation

He discussed on what all it takes to ship a Fedora Workstation. He also told that MP3 patent expires this September, so Linux distributions like Fedora can start playing MP3s by default. This was a good news. Later after the talk I discussed with him the issues of gaming in Fedora.

The talk was followed by tuxology talk on Kernel and Userspace Tracing with LTTng and Friends and rejy’s talk on Be Secure with SELinux Gyan. Need to say the talk and the presentation was really good.

nigelb’s talked on how to start contributing to Mozilla.

After that I had my talk lined up. I spoke on the

  • How Fedora Infrastructure leverages the Fedmsg(Federated Message Bus)?
  • How Fedmsg works?
  • Projects on top of Fedmsg
  • How to start working on Fedmsg?

In the hallway I spoke with juhp on how to get started with Haskell and the projects in fedora that I can start helping.

After my talk I attended the talk on Getting Started with IOT development using Fedora on ARM by Rajesh and Achieving Community Goals with Fedora by Tenzin.

After the conference, speakers and volunteers headed for the FUDPub. The FUDPub was total fun.

A re-quote from FUDPub 2011 “Best FUDPub Ever” - Jared Smith :)

Day 3

The day started at the speaker lounge with me writing a Telegram bot to push the fedmsg messages to the application. Praveen Kumar and I worked some some vim and flask thingy too.

After that I moved over for the workshop. rtnpro and I gave a Flask 101 workshop and how to search for easyfixes in the fedora infra. Due to lack to time we could needed to skip a few topics. But the workshop turned out to a good one.

Post lunch I created my GPG key. I created many of them in the past but never kept a backup of any :( I got to know what’s actually is a key-signing party.

Finally Rupali gave a thank you speech to all those who made FUDCon India 2015 successful. Kudos to all the participants, speakers and volunteers who made this event a grand success. In the end - I am really happy to be part of such a great event where I got to meet so many fedora contributors and learnt so many things in a matter of three days.

More pics coming soon :)