It’s very hard to write but I am leaving HackerEarth.

2013 and internship

My college days were coming to an end with placements all around. I was sure to join in a startup. One fine day, I saw a job posting on hasjob on 12th December 2012 that boldly said “HackerEarth is buidling its initial team - Python/Django enthusiast needed”. The idea made me apply to HackerEarth and after a few rounds of email with Sachin and Vivek. I landed up in a remote intern position.

My first task at HackerEarth as an intern was to implement Auth/Profile system for Codetable. Damn! My first task itself was a daunting task. There was so many permutaiton of things to take care of private digest, public digest, read-only mode, read-write mode, authenticated user, anonymous user. 10 days into the internship the auth system was finally working. Finally, the code was deployed and the feeling was amazing.

Four months into the internship, I got a full time position at HackerEarth. I joined the team at their Bangalore office in July 2013.

Working at HackerEarth

The office I joined was Bangalore Alpha Labs, Koramangala. In the span of two years, I worked on a couple of things. I have worked on the Recruiter Panel, Plagiarism Detection Engine, Profile pages, Challenges pages, HackerEarth Shorterner and for the past one year I have been working on HackerEarth Sprints.

HackerEarth has scaled at a very rapid rate and the engineering team at HackerEarth to learn at a more faster pace to keep things going. At HackerEarth, as a full-stack engineer I got to know the deep knowledge of what it takes to keep a website running at such a huge scale.

Life at HackerEarth

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I never felt here that I was out of college. Food fests, hardware hacking, TT, packs of Redbulls, movie and gaming nights and flexible timings. Anything that had to keep a developer going we had it all.

What’s next?

I have been using Fedora since the initial days of my college. An year, I was contributing to Fedora. I have been working on Fedora Infrastructure projects after regular office hours and weekends. I have been also involved in evangelizing Fedora and organizing Fedora meetups.

But now I will be joining the Fedora Engineering Team working on Fedora as a part of my day job. Looking forward to scale more mountains and see what rocks life throws at me at my new role at Fedora.