We are elated to inform you that Waartaa has been accepted as a project idea for GSoC under Fedora’s umbrella.

For those who are new to Waartaa, Waartaa is an open-source communication tool for teams and groups. It is built on top of IRC. Currently, Waartaa is an IRC client as a service and it supports centralized logging, 24x7 idling, notifications and unique identity to a user on IRC. The source code is available at https://github.com/waartaa/waartaa for you to download and hack on it.

If you find Waartaa interesting and something that you need, please feel free to ping us at #waartaa on Freenode. If you are a student, you are most welcome to submit your project idea for GSoC 2014 to help make Waartaa awesome.


Our mission is to implement a one-stop open-source communication and collaboration tool for teams and groups, built on top of open source technologies (IRC, WebRTC, etc.).

Current Status

Waartaa is no longer just an idea in pages, it’s real, it’s live. You can try our demo instance at https://try.waartaa.com. We have also started to receive quite some contributions as well. Lately, Waartaa has seen some massive improvements in terms of optimization and scaling. You can download and run Waartaa in your server or machine very easily. This allows you to get your own IRC client as a service up and running in no time.

Technology Stack


  • Build a central hub for searching/reading channel logs for Open Source communities and projects.
  • Build a faster and scalable backend.
  • Freedom of choice: Expose an API so that users can use their existing IRC clients with waartaa.
  • Find a secure way to authenticate with IRC services without storing RAW passwords.
  • Respect user privacy: user personal messages should be stored in an encrypted format in the server.
  • Allow users to download chat logs in various formats compatible with popular IRC clients.
  • HTML5 mobile app
  • VCS, Bugzilla and other task management tools integration.
  • Video/audio conference facility on top of HTML5 and JS technologies.


This is a re-post of https://www.waartaa.com/blog/waartaa-applies-for-gsoc-2014.html