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Where are the Kolkata Bloggers? Like, seriously ?

In August 8, 2009, Webreps organised Kolkata Bloggers Meet. That time I joined Webreps. In October 31, 2009, we organised the BCET Bloggers workshop in BCET. There BCREC and NITDgp also joined in. Have been active ever since then.

In 2014 - I hardly find any blogger visible and audible. I want to organise a Kolkata Bloggers Meet later this year. Any help shall be welcome. Please connect to this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kolkata-Bloggers/401101290026684

I dont know why I do not feel good about this scenario. Kolkata Bloggers make a sad story. There might be many bloggers. We have incredibly good writers. But the BUZZ is so not there. There is no enthusiasm. There is hardly any blogging for the sake of blogging, the fun or the enthusiasm for it. Let’s find them from where ever they are hidden in Kolkata. Let’s meet up.

Check this screenshot of indiblogger, how big is Kolkata?

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This screenshot makes me really curious to know on what happened to the Kolkata bloggers. So here’s an open letter to bloggers from Kolkata.

Dear Kolkata Blogger,

Kolkata Bloggers” is an initiative to collect and unite Kolkata based bloggers. Our first aim is to connect all bloggers. This is why we are sending this open letter to you. As of now, we do not have a website. We have a page. And I would tell you how that might help you and the entire newer generation from Kolkata.

This initiative will help you reach more audience: If you are a new blogger, this page can help you get exposure. We are adding the RSS feeds of your blog to the Facebook page. Each time you update your blog, your blog post is automatically shared by our page and you reach to more number of viewer. If you are an existing blogger, you can guide us spread the awareness among the youth of Kolkata. You can always reach to newer audience in this way.

This page shall be motivating for young writers who do not blog. It is time we spread the awareness and help groom newer bloggers from the city. I often see good writers not taking the plunge to blog, but they have a wish to do it. This initiative, if properly supported, I believe will motivate them go to the next step.

This initiative might help you network better. We aim to build this as a networking platform for bloggers from Kolkata, both online and offline. I often see fantastic writers who are bloggers not connected with the rest of the community. Networking is fun and you reach to more people.

Be inspired: In grand bloggers meet, we aim to bring the masters of this field in front to hold seminars, talks, ideating sessions and workshops. This will help you 0to better your blogging skills.

Help companies organise Blogger engagement programmes in Kolkata: When it comes to Blogger engagement programs and brand promotions, Delhi Mumbai Pune and Bangalore are often preferred over Kolkata.

Learn. Network better. Reach more audience. Build the ecosystem.

How to join Kolkata Bloggers?

This is the link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/KolkataBloggers <https://www.facebook.com/KolkataBloggers>_

Message us your Name, Blog URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Google+ URL, email address (very required), Phone number. There is “Kolkata Bloggers badge” in the page as a pinned post. Put the badge on your blog. Let us know once you are done. We will add the RSS feed of your blog to our page. Stay connected. If you require any help, drop a message to the page. We’ll get back to you.

| Best Regards, | Kolkata Bloggers team.