After a long time, we had a Bangalore Fedora meetup(March 8, 2014) at Red Hat, Bangalore.

The attendees for the event were:

  • Anil Shah
  • Varun Shastry
  • Rejy M Cyriac
  • Ratnadeep Debnath
  • Sayan Chowdhury
  • Sarup Banskota

The discussion took place around the following agendas:

Fedora Monthly Meetup

We decided start off with a local Fedora meetup here in Bangalore every month to chalk out on how to reach to a greater audience in and around city to evangelize on Fedora, FOSS and contributing back to the community.

Fedora Activity Day

Conduct Fedora Activity Day once in a while, where Fedora folks can come together and hack on a cool project ideas and share knowledge.

Reach out to colleges

Reach out to colleges and local LUGs in and around Bangalore, conduct events and workshops and to educate and inspire more people to contribute to FOSS and Fedora.

Entry point for contributors

We’d be working on creating the necessary tools to help newbies get started with contributing to Fedora very easily. This is inspired from