The time has come again this year for the dgplug summer training.

The summer training is conducted each year during the month of June. Though, we cannot call June as the summer season but end of June is a suitable time for most of the Indian students. During this summer training, a number of upstream developers give talk on various open-source technologies. This guides the student on how to contribute back to open source. At the end of the summer training the student get a project which gives a strong base of the language as well as programming skills.

Speaking on a personal note, I did this training twice, first in 2010, then in 2011 and this training helped me pave my career path. It gave me a lot of exposure. It injected in me the habit of self-dependence, googling out your own problems, hungry for knowledge of new ideas etc. Being a student of a private engineering college, where project for any student meant any kind of online management system, this training helped me think beyond that and go for solving real life problems.

The details of the training can be found at dgplug summer training or you can shoot a mail at kushaldas AT gmail DOT com for more details.