The year I graduated from a third-tier college in Durgapur. I did not expect much from the college, mostly because of the poor placement record in the college.

To get myself a job, I was primarily going through hasjob.co and any job opportunities that came through Bangpypers mailing list.

Finally, I landed myself into an internship and later which turned into a full-time at HackerEarth was through the hasjob.co.


5 years later, finding a job in a suitable company is still tough. In the last 5 years, I have come to know about more options, be it AngelList, Hasjob, StackOverflow, Facebook Job Groups etc.

But the problem still I think is the same, even if you apply through these websites a lot of times you don’t get a reply from the company you applied to. On the other hand, referrals work. I’ve referred good people to companies I know. This way, there is a chance of getting an interview in the company. Cracking the interview is a different story altogether which I believe depends a lot on the candidate.

Recently, I got to know that Prashant, one of my school senior and a close friend, who famously known in the tech community for his “Bitcoin Wedding” started an effort called “SkipTheLine”.

SkipTheLine is a newsletter where Prashant publishes profiles of three developers. These developers are from the community, who are active in open source, or competitive programming, or just good at technologies they work on. He goes on to introduce the developers through email with the companies point of contact via email and then the candidate and the POC take the discussion forward.

I personally loved the initiative that he took as at the end of the day if people whom I know come asking for a job referral I would just direct them to SkipTheLine. Prashant has quite a stronghold in the startup community and does great work in connecting the folks with some really good startup across the country.

I know people personally who got hired a within few days of their newsletter published so if you are looking out for a job, do fill out the SkipTheLine form.

If you are looking to hire, do drop me an email at gmail AT yudocaa DOT in.