I returned to another conference with the jetlag of another conference, FOSSASIA but this conference was something I was very eagerly waiting to attend. Why? Well there are a couple of reasons, but the main reason for which I bought the ticket was to listen to Liz Rice in person.

The other reason was to see and meet the growing community of Kubernetes in Bangalore.

23rd March 2019, I woke up early morning and left along with Sayani, and Saptak to this place quite outside of Bangalore. Going to the venue almost felt like a weekend getaway trip.

Anyways we reached the venue at 8AM, and the Bangalore sun was already killing. CNCF had announced people would be eligible for KubeCon tickets if they came and collected their badges before 8:30AM. This was a nice trick because I could see a huge crowd in-front of me standing and collecting their badges. After collecting the badges, we headed back to the auditorium.

We grabbed some breakfast as soon as we reached the venue. The first talk/keynote did not delay much and started just after the breakfast.

Dan kicked off the event with an introduction to the conference, CNCF and a brief overview of the projects within CNCF.

Liz Rice, took the stage after Dan and talked on permission in Kubernetes. She gave a very nice ELI5 type analogy for permission/rbac in Kubernetes with file permission in Linux.

I moved outside after the talk and was mostly talking with people at the booths. Red Hat had it’s booth also, so I spend some time talking to people about Fedora CoreOS and Silverblue

It was very nice to find the growing audience of Kubernetes, and I also happen to know about a couple of more interesting projects the community is building.