I could not sleep the night i got the invitation mail from Mozilla to attend Mozilla Summit 2013. I was roaming around my college hostel waking up everybody from their sleep just to tell them that “I have been invited to Mozilla Summit 2013 at Santa Clara, CA”. I was really very excited as this was be my first international travel.

Finally the month of October came. rtnpro and I left for bangalore airport early (all due to exitement). At airport, we met with other mozillians who were on the same flight. After the checkin and the security check (i was really scared during the security check, i kept on thinking “What will happen if they cancel my trip”), we boarded the flight to Dubai from where we had the connecting flight to San Francisco.

After a long trip of 20 hours we finally reached San Francisco where we were greeted by other Mozillians and we took a shuttle to our hotel, Santa Clara Mariott. After reaching hotel, we took our keys from the Hotel Reception. The NFC cards we really unique, they had Mozilla Summit 2013 printed on them (I brought a card home as a life-long memory). We then went off to collect the most awaited Summit Welcome Pack. The welcome pack full of swags, 3 t-shirts and more.

After taking in some rest, we went downstairs to the lobby and met with some awesome Mozillians whom i had known via IRC. The Summit was yet to begin, but the enthusiasm was already visible. Everybody were excited to get be the part of Mozilla Summit 2013.

In the morning of Day 1, we went around for a Photo walk took and took some group pictures.

Day 1 started with the inspirational talk by Mitchell Baker, I really loved the video Virtual Choir. Later in the afternoon, i went around roaming in the World Fair, getting to know about the culure of different countries. Later in the evening, i went off to electronics stores in Santa Clara to grab a Das Keyboard for myself, but was really unlucky on that.

The demos of Day 2 were awesome which was followed by the Innovation Fair where I saw some Mozillians doing some really crazy stuffs. Being an avid gamer, i really loved the demos, I also got a chance to play on a Razer laptop (It was my dream). In the evening we went to Great America, the Carousel Columbia looked amazing(I haven’t seen a carousel this big, ever). Waiting in the long Qs somehow i took the thrill rides out there.

  • Gold Striker
  • Tiki Twirl
  • Drop Tower

Day 3, I kept roaming around meeting mozillians, exchanging ideas with them. In the evening, we took a ride to Mozilla HQ. Thanks to Pascal Finette for being such a nice guide. The day ended with Karoke/DJ (I grabbed some bottles of beer and danced like anything). It was real fun

Finally the day came to depart, I checked out of the hotel and still two hours in hand, I rented a bicycle from the hotel and went to visit the nearby Intel HQ.

Moments of Mozilla Summit 2013

  • My face when somebody in the Bangalore airport told that we might miss the flight to San Francisco (The network at the Bangalore Airport was down and the flight took off 1:30 hours late).
  • Aerial View of San Francisco and the Aerial view of Dubai at Night.
  • I watched 7 movies back-to-back on the flight to San Francisco.
  • Getting to meet some cool Mozillians like Brendan Eich, Erik Rose(I learnt testing from one of his talk), Erickt, Benjamin Kerensa, Matjaž Horvat…..the list is really endless.

Things I learnt at Mozilla Summit 2013

  • I got encouraged to contribute more and help building a better web.
  • Interacting with the other Mozillians, I got to know some technologies i never knew of.
  • Finally, I learnt to use chop-sticks. Yay!

After a month of Mozilla Summit 2013

Earlier, I used to evangelize Mozilla Webmaker among my college mates, friends and LUG members etc. I also actively participated in Hindi l10n. But, after Mozilla Summit 2013 i thought being a Python/Django developer “Why not contribute to Mozilla projects”. After some googling i came across Bugs Ahoy! made by jdm. I found out some bugs and started contributing. Now, I got more ways to contribute :). Now somebody ask me one how to contribute to mozilla, i also describe the how they can start with the easy or the mentored bugs. I submitted three patches lately.


I feel the pride in saying “I am a Mozillian”.