Python Month

I attended last year’s PyCon India, while in college and it was a great experience. After shifting to Bangalore this year, I thought why not volunteer Pycon India this year.

I was a regular attendee to the Pycon India meetings held at the Goibibo office at M.G.Road. This year it was thought to celebrate the month of August Python Month as a part of PyCon this year. As a part of Python Month, volunteers would go to various college across the country to evangelize and teach python to college students.I personally went to two colleges, BNM Institute of Technology and Reva Institute of Technology.

PyCon India 2013

As i was volunteering Pycon this year, I was given the task for inventory management.

I visited hasgeek’s office often and learnt to setup the registration desk. I helped out with Illiyas and Bibhas. We moved the inventory to NIMHANS Convention Centre, where PyCon was held this year. We worked the night before to get things running.

First Day, 29 August 2013

The first day was the workshop day. We left for the first day early. As i reached the venue, Konark Modi told me to assist the workshop trainer in AUDI 1. The trainer was none other that rtnpro giving his workshop on testing. AUDI 1 was coordinated by me and Santosh.

Second Day, 30 August 2013 - Third Day, 1 September 2013

The crowd for PyCon India started pouring in on the second day and it was huge. There was a huge Q at the registration desk. The main event started with the keynote by Kiran Jonnalagadda. After the keynote I headed towards AUDI 2 where i was assiting for the rest of the PyCon. Though, I could not switch over and go to see the other talk but i guess the talks in AUDI 2 were the best. This year we also saw the largest participation from our LUG, Durgapur Linux Users Group(dgplug). We had a LUG meeting were we discussed on the past, present and the future of dgplug. We got ourselves a LUG photo.

On the second day, Kenneth gave the keynote speech. He is the author of the python-requests module. This year PyCon was bigger and better than last year. Being a food junkie, food comes in my top priority list and we were served well at PyCon. More than event, i was glad to meet countless number of people during PyCon India and Python Month.

Kudos to all the organizers, volunteers and participants to make PyCon India 2013 a huge success.

After PyCon

On 2nd September, i left for a one day trip to Mysore with Kushal, rtnpro and Kenneth.