The PyLadies Pune February Meetup was held on 6th Feb at reserved-bit. Kushal took a session on MicroPython on the MicroBit boards. Thanks to @ntoll for sending over the MicroBits for workshops.

I reached down to the venue a bit late. On reaching the venue, Kushal told me that he forgot the boards at home and I went to his place to pick the MicroBits.

Most of the participants were regular participants for the meetup so Kushal took a quick course on Python. After lunch, they started referring the documentation for the MicroBit - MicroPython and played around with the device by displaying their name, using the button to simulate actions.

During the end of the workshop, Kushal demoed the radio module and that turned out to be the most interesting part of the workshop. Kushal sent the first radio message “Hello PyLadies” and all the other peeps were able to see the message in their MicroBit. After that everyone started sending out messages to each other. Nisha ran out of the hackerspace to check the range of the radio.

The meetup ended after a small discussion about PyCon Pune.