This is accompanied with Hope

This is to maintain a daily journal of the efforts. This is to be seen from bottom to top.

To explain the jargons:

  • cw: current weight
  • gw: goal weight

Ok, lets start.

September 12, 2022

- cw: 80.3 kgs

Starting off things again, After coming back to Bangalore, I had a tough time setting things up, so mostly was eating food from outside and gained like 10kgs in the past month, haha!

This time it’s bit different from the last as I will be hitting the gym, and walking as well. Let’s see how it goes!

To begin, I started with a 15min walk on treadmill with 6kmph and incline 10. In the evening, I went for a walk of 1.53km with a pace of 10:05min/km

I chugged a total of 1.25L of water yesterday. Need to bring this up to 4L a day.

September 13, 2022

- cw: 79.6 kgs

Good day. Made some more progress on the walking. I walked for 3.38 kms with a pace of 9:21 min/km. I had a tough time because my legs almost gave up. I’ve been also trying to get into a schedule so I just walked for 30mins and then came back home. I’m overall happy with yesterday.

I drank 3.75L of water, so I’m almost there to my target.

September 14, 2022

- cw: 79.4 kgs

Got a bit better on my daily schedule. I’m starting to timebox, though it’s hard because my sleeping schedule is messed up so I plan to start my day at 7AM but I end up waking up between 8AM-9AM. I’m happy that I’m able to hit 50-60% of the targeted goals.

On the exercise side, I could not go out for a walk so I ended up walking on the treadmill. I also got the scooter fixed so I can go to the gym now. The walk was a 30mins was with speed of 6.5 at an incline of 5. It was tiring, the legs were aching but I hope this would get better over time

Water I again drank 3.75L by the end of the day.