This is accompanied with Hope

This is to maintain a daily journal of the efforts. This is to be seen from bottom to top.

To explain the jargons:

  • cw: current weight
  • gw: goal weight

Ok, lets start.

February 12, 2024

- cw: 82.6 kgs

Set on routine, I went to workout, and worked on functional movements with Yugal. I was able to do 5 pushups, and 20 knee pushups. Slowly building up the energy. Sleep was also proper, hit a 80+ mark, and was well rested. Onto the second week of tracking.

Food was still on track. I need to eat food on time. Also need to get a good diet plan and track macros.

Habit Tracking

- Food Habits: 2.5/5
- Water (320ml cup): 3.5L
- Exercise: 3/5
- Sleep Habit: 3.5/5

February 11, 2024

- cw: 83.0 kgs

February 10, 2024

- cw: 83.0 kgs

February 09, 2024

- cw: 83.5 kgs

February 08, 2024

- cw: 83.6 kgs

February 07, 2024

- cw: 83.7 kgs

A good day, I went to the gym in the morning, followed by a good meal. I still need to work on my sleep but overall I would rate the day good. I also seem to enter the weight from where the challenge would begin. Good that I set the initial goal weight to be 81kgs.

Here is the workout log:

Glute Bridges: 1 min x 2
Plank Hold: 1 min x 2
Tricep Back dips: 15 x 3
Bicep curls: 5kg x 15 x 3
Walking Lunges: 5kg x 10 x 3
Kettlebell Squats: 10kg x 10 x 4
Skips: a couple, learning the form from Jackson
Dumbell Bench Press: 5kg x 10 x 3 (again learning the form)

In terms of food, I did have a late breakfast after the workout, followed by a late lunch, which did include salad - but I made sure I had a early dinner.

Habit Tracking

- Food Habits: 3.5/5
- Water (320ml cup): 3L
- Exercise: 3/5
- Sleep Habit: 2/5

February 06, 2024

- cw: 83.9 kgs

An okay day of focus, too much out of pure motivation rather than will. I drank good enough water, but I need to drink more. Afternoon went for a workout session, which was moderate but scope of improvement. Food habits okay, as still trying to get into the regime.

Habit Tracking

- Food Habits: 3/5
- Water (320ml cup): 8
- Exercise: 2/5
- Sleep Habit: 3/5

February 05, 2024

- cw: 84.8 kgs

Comparatively, it’s been a good day. It’s been pure motivation at the moment, need to turn it around in consistency. I did not get to walk, but I’ve just started to track everything. Went to meet friends in the evening that rocked the schedule a bit.

Habit Tracking

- Food Habits: 3/5
- Water (320ml cup): 6
- Exercise: None
- Sleep Habit: 3/5

February 04, 2024

- cw: 85.9 kgs

Hello 2024!

2023 surely hasn’t been a good year in terms of staying healthy. I’ve been eating a lot, and that shows. I’ve gained 15 kgs in a just a span of a year, and I don’t feel well. I’ve a trek towards the end of the year and I need to start working out and feel stronger. Be light and swift!