This is accompanied with Hope

This is to maintain a daily journal of the efforts. This is to be seen from bottom to top.

To explain the jargons:

  • cw: current weight
  • gw: goal weight

Ok, lets start.

March 24, 2021

cw: 73.9

A day of Freeletics. I really need to get my bicycle crunches right without hurting my neck. The first set I did it as wrong as it could be. The later ones were better. Hopefully it gets better. What I loved? Jump Squats.

March 23, 2021

cw: 74.20

An uneventful day. Since it was a rest day, I went on a short walk as suggested by the Freeletics blog.

March 22, 2021

cw: 74.35

I’ve changed the plan in Freeletics. I’ve come to realize that the goal weight might not be very suitable for me. I’m planning to re-adjust my goal weight, the lowest, I’ll go is 70, the aim now would be to losing more fat and get in a better shape.

March 21, 2021

cw: 74.35

March 20, 2021

cw: 74.75

March 19, 2021

cw: 74.75

March 18, 2021

No log for the day

March 17, 2021

cw: 75.00

March 16, 2021

cw: 75.55

March 15, 2021

cw: 75.05

March 14, 2021

cw: 75.00

March 13, 2021

cw: 75.25

March 12, 2021

cw: 75.40

March 11, 2021

cw: 75.60

March 10, 2021

cw: 75.15
pulls: 0

March 9, 2021

cw: 75.90

March 8, 2021

No log for the day

March 7, 2021

No log for the day

March 6, 2021

cw: 75.55

March 5, 2021

cw: 76.25

March 4, 2021

cw: 77.10

March 3, 2021

No log for the day

March 2, 2021

cw: 75.20
pulls: 0

Some rest as I would be starting with harder Freeletics. Pray!

March 1, 2021

cw: 75.15
pulls: 0

We had a outing today, so I woke and completed the sets of exercise in the morning. 5.18 kms with a avg pace of 9.23 min/km and the best pace being 7.36 min/km.

  • Completed the bunch of challenges on Connect.
  • Completed the Strava walking challenge

Yesterday, I was out but for the first time I controlled my eating habits and just did not gulp what I ate. Once a week, it’s fine but not twice.

And with February coming to an end, I’m down by 6.4 kgs from beginning and lost 2.2 kgs in the last month. Scale says all the vitals are Average now.

Body fat down to 20.8%. Long way to go but still better than high.

February 28, 2021

cw: 75.35
pulls: 0

A long walk.

I walked 8.24 kms yesterday in about 1:28:04. The best pace was at 8:28 min/km, whereas the average floated at around 10:41 min/km.

This was because I kept the pace slow in the beginning hoping to do 12 kms, but also I did not complete my daily water intake so after I increased the pace after the 3rd km the body was gasping at 8 km.

I knew I had a long road ahead next day so the best decision was to stop, as I won’t have much recovery time to my side.

And tomorrow, We would be completing 8th Week of tracking. Let’s see how much I end up at tomorrow.

February 27, 2021

cw: 75.80
pulls: 0

Friday! We went out to the club had food like anything, I mean I was gulping food like I used to in my college days, and I did not see much of a jump in the weight. This is good because I can say that the metabolism is on the rise.

I did not go out for a walk.

February 26, 2021

cw: 75.45
pulls: 0

I was not having a good day, feeling nauseous through out the day. Eating was tough as well. I really don’t know what happened.

I still went out for a walk and slowly walked the distance. Watch batter got over but it was around 1:15 and I was still at 5.80ish.

I rate the day 2/5

February 25, 2021

cw: 75.45
pulls: 0

I forgot to do the pullups!

In terms of walk I did a good pace with 7kms in 1:09:00 hrs. No books on Audible, rather some Indie songs Spotify and did not even feel those 7kms. Wow!

February 24, 2021

cw: 75.60
pulls: 10

I went on a walk, while walking I realized even though Garmin shows 87 kms covered in last 4 weeks, a couple of days were from January so I probably need to walk a bit more to cross a 100. Turns out, I needed to walk 34 kms in order to cross the number. So, I’m planning to walk a extra km i.e 7km for the next few days.

I waslk 7 kms yesterday, sweated like hell. The avg pace was good with even a lap in under 9/km.

Also, while doing all this I realized February is perfect rectangular month. Nice. Even though it’s kind of once in 10 years occurence I did not notice it before. The next one is in 2027.

On the pulls side, I easily did 8, and struggled to do 2. This is with proper posture.

February 23, 2021

cw: 76.15
pulls: 0

A good day. 6 kms walk in two sets. Why? I met a friend on the way and talked to him for a while. Other than that increased the glasses of water I drink in a day by 1, need to hold onto that. Every increase is tough, as you need to be consistent.

I added a new pulls value, to track number pull ups I do. Plan is 10.

February 22, 2021

cw: 76.60

Phew, last week was pretty tough, from all aspects but nevermind, past is past. I made sure I tried to walk and do sets of freeletics. I craved for food, left and right and I did eat.

But Sunday I felt better, lot better. Did a 6 kms walk, even though the first two km laps were bad. I made sure I keep the momentum up, and peaked at 8:10 /km which I think is pretty good. Overall, ended the day completing 6km in 59:30 mins.

On the podcast side, I listened to some history on Binary, Bits & Bytes :)

Oh! Another good news to share, I did a Toe to Bar, which was impossible for me all my life. Happy to have done that. The form was not perfect, but doing that tells the core is building :)

Though this is a weight loss log, I will from now on also log 10 pullups I plan to do everyday.

February 21, 2021

No log as the weighing scale battery went kaput

February 20, 2021

cw: 76.50

February 19, 2021

cw: 77.15

February 18, 2021

cw: 76.85

February 17, 2021

cw: 77.30

February 16, 2021

cw: 76.85

February 15, 2021

cw: 77.70

February 15, 2021

cw: 77.70

February 14, 2021

cw: 76.80

An unconventional walk today, though I completed 6 kms again. I went for getting some electrical items, and to a nursery to fetch some items for plants. I thought I can walk the route back. The whole route ended up 6 kms :)

Why the small drop? Maybe this can be attributed to the first time I had dinner after walk, and maybe the Ghee litti as well.

Update: I just realized tomorrow, I will be logging the update for 6 weeks. Wow!

February 13, 2021

cw: 76.85

I went for another 6 kms walk, though Strava might show less only because I paused in between while tying the laces, and forgot to restart. I realized after a round or two.

February 12, 2021

cw: 77.00

Back to where I was a week back, so basically, a week of party pushed my progress by a week.

Last night I was 3.5 kms with my mother, so at a slower pace than usual.

February 11, 2021

cw: 77.20

Another day, Another walk.

I was on a call yesterday and funny enough I did not realize I walked 7.14 kms in 70 mins. The last km was a bit slow.

On the water tracking I’m easily losing track of the water I have in the evening hours. Hit 10 yesterday.

February 10, 2021

cw: 77.75

Yesterday was fun, 13 glasses of water i.e. 3.25L. I would need to continue this for next couple of days, and slowly progressing to 16 glasses. Not really sure how will this be even possible.

Walked 6kms, and did not tire myself at all. The water might have done the trick. Completed 6.21kms in exactly an hour.

February 09, 2021

cw: 78.55

Now, it’s time to start exercise again. Walked 6kms, and got tired twice. Maybe it is because of the fact that I’ve been bit out of schedule for the last couple of days. Now that all the parties are over. I’m back.

February 08, 2021

cw: 78.70

February 07, 2021

cw: 77.85

February 06, 2021

No log as was out for a trip

February 05, 2021

No log as was out for a trip

February 04, 2021

No log as was out for a trip

February 03, 2021

- cw: 77.00

February 02, 2021

- cw: 77.20

The journey of the next 4 weeks begin. Starting of the day with 5 mins Pranayam. I did head out for a walk, but no log as I did not charge my phone or watch. But counting from the rounds around the society it was around 4 kms. I also realized I’ve made a habit to listen while walking. I would count this as not good because I felt walking as a chore yesterday. Therefore, will deliberately leave the phone behind from now on.

February 01, 2021

- cw: 77.35

4 weeks of tracking. Last night, back to controlled and healthy diet. I don’t dislike papaya anymore. That’s some good news. Also, ended the day walking 5 kms at a good average pace. Yesterday, marked the completion of January Walking challenge on Strava. 130 kms it is.

January 31, 2021

- cw: 77.85

Another chill day, loads of house chores completed. Temple visits. Ended the day having Dosa, Paneer Butter Masala, and quite some number of Tandoori Roti. Frankly I was quite scared that the weight will go overboard and it did, ~80.5 kgs was when I checked at night. Gladly it came down at the time when I check my weight

January 30, 2021

- cw: 77.50

Life needed some celebrations and rest :) I passed the CKA exams. Pretty much was a tiring week with CKA last minute prep and talk prep. Both went well.

January 29, 2021

- cw: 77.20

Went to market and walked around 4 kms and later 6 kms as usual at night, but the weight remained the same. So good :)

January 28, 2021

- cw: 77.20

Casual walk last night, talking with Chandan, Anirudha and Ritesh about PyCon India. 6 kms in 1h 3m, did not even realize. Smooth! But! But! But! The weight drop is too high. Increase trend tomorrow maybe

- cw: 77.20

Casual walk last night, talking with Chandan, Anirudha and Ritesh about PyCon India. 6 kms in 1h 3m, did not even realize. Smooth! But! But! But! The weight drop is too high. Increase trend tomorrow maybe

January 27, 2021

- cw: 77.95

Back to exercise again with clocking 11k steps, and the good news is I walked 6 kms in 56 mins. That’s a good timing. VO2 Max went up a bit.

January 26, 2021

- cw: 78.40

No exercise again because we had a feast at our house but tomorrow for sure

January 25, 2021

- cw: 78.15

Another day of no exercise, mostly to maintain weight. I would need to find a way to eat better and also lot and not skip exercise.

January 24, 2021

- cw: 78.25

Walked a 10k last night, and also completed the 100 kms challenge for the month. Pretty good number to start off January 2021. Guilty of having sumptuous meal as well which explains the rise in weight.

January 23, 2021

- cw: 77.70

No exercise. I’ve dropped a lot this week. I need to gain some by eating healthy. Another week coming to an end. Need to pick up Freeletics again from next week.

January 22, 2021

- cw: 77.65

A regular day, walked 6 kms at peak night, I really need to change my timings. Bring back when I walked in evening, for this I need to start the day early, and finish early.

January 21, 2021

- cw: 77.75

Yay! Hit my first goal weight. But I’m dropping quick, not really healthy. I need to intake more food given the exercise I’m doing. Did complete 5 kms, under 45 mins. I really need try to get the exercise by evening, and not at midnight.

I’ve probably woken up bunch of people with my loud thumping noise while walking. Blame my shoe, not me. :)

January 20, 2021

- cw: 78.1

Started the morning with 5.13 kms walk, approximately 7000 steps and then ending with day with 2.81 kms walk, with another 3500 steps. A total of ~12000 steps. Still fighting with diet, bulk cooking will surely come handy in the long run.

January 19, 2021

- cw: 79.05

Freeletics, a light one. Started with the diet that dietician suggested. The diet is not really fancy but more focused with the same things I love to have at home.

Also, started the day quite early and went for a morning walk rather than at night Trying to switch gears so that at night it’s mostly a stroll.

January 18, 2021

- cw: 79.30

Feeling tried about the whole day of cleaning, so gave myself some rest. Also, treated the day as a cheat day after 2 weeks which I feel is apt. Keeping habits up and running in this freezing cold is very difficult. I’m a lazy person at heart :)

Second week of tracking comes to a closure. 11 more to go.

January 17, 2021

- cw: 79.10

Sick again, maybe did not recover. Seems like body needs rest. I though did 3.5 kms walk.

January 16, 2021

- cw: 78.70

Back doing Freeletics again. Yesterday was a killer day, maybe it was scheduled to be the first of the week. Also, I added wall, and pullup bar as equipment and Freeletics listened. The coach added a couple of pullup exercises. Later, walked 3.5 kms at a slow pace of ~12 min/km.

January 15, 2021

- cw: 78.80

Another sick day. Could not do Freeletics again. Hopefully to resume it on Friday. Felt better by dinner so went on a walk and did a 6 kms in an hour. Good thing I clocked 9.x min/km pace bunch of times yesterday

January 14, 2021

- cw: 79.45

Zero gain, Zero loss. Sickness continues. Walked 6kms in an hour, though first time I had to take 3-4 breaks in between. Also, felt more tired than the general.

January 13, 2021

- cw: 79.45

Planned Freeletics, but was down with fever so skipped Freeletics. Though, had an hour long meeting at night during which I did a walk covering 5.15 kms.

January 12, 2021

- cw: 79.95

Yesterday walked in two sets of 3.6 kms and 3.13 kms. The former in the morning and the later in the evening. Today is the dreaded day of freeletics.

January 11, 2021

- cw: 80.05

First week of tracking completes. Completed a set of Freeleticss first thing in the morning and ended the day with 3.52 kms with a pace of 11:02 min/km.

January 10, 2021

- cw: 80.60

I hit 5 kms walk broken into various smaller walks, because I was out and managed to squeeze in some walk. Also, had a late dinner with carbs. Weekends might me a nightmare so I need to come up with plans to keep maintaining my routine.

Tomorrow we complete 1 week of tracking. 12 more to go. 🤞

January 09, 2021

- cw: 80.30

Completed Freeletics in the morning on empty stomach. It was HARD! Then completed walking 6.15 kms in the evening with a decent pace of 10:41 min/km.

January 08, 2021

- cw: 80.60

Chill day. Gave body some time to recover from the Freeletics excercise. I am also trying out biphasic sleep, so left in the afternoon hours. Went for a walk in the evening and covered 6 kms with a pace of 10:45 /km. Another thing I tried was ending the day with drinking cold water instead of hot.

January 07, 2021

- cw: 81.1

Not good, weight increased again. Probably because hitting drinking 3L water everyday. Though did my set of Freeletics yesterday, and 5 kms of walk. I might need to move my towards the wee hours in morning.

January 06, 2021

- cw: 80.80 kgs

Casual walk along in the night, 3.51 kms with 9.42/km average. Very happy to come below 10. Missed skipping because had to tutor Risha for her computer exams.

January 05, 2021

- cw: 80.70 kgs

I went for a regular walk covering 3.62 kms with 10:49/km average. Not bad, but can do better. Also, did the Freeletics set. Easy sets, but few were brutal.

January 04, 2021

- cw: 81.55 kgs

I went for a regular walk as usual but could not do much as because I was wearing the sandals. Flat feet curse! Need to wear the shoes. Covered only 2.57 kms limping.