-d in go get

Saturday, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Bangalore, trying my hands on a Golang project. I come across this argument -d in go get: The go CLI help says: The -d flag instructs get to stop after downloading the packages; that is, it instructs get not to install the packages.

2018-10-12 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Introducing SkipTheLine

2013 The year I graduated from a third-tier college in Durgapur. I did not expect much from the college, mostly because of the poor placement record in the college. To get myself a job, I was primarily going through hasjob.co and any job opportunities that came through Bangpypers mailing list. Finally, I landed myself into an internship and later which turned into a full-time at HackerEarth was through the hasjob.co....

2018-10-10 · 2 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Exit Vim in between Git operation

Long I have been procrastinating over this. Whenever I had to quit out of the Vim while doing git-rebase interactively I would be going over to a new terminal window, and perform git rebase --abort and then close the other window too. Today, I learned if you ever want to quit Vim either while committing or rebasing, just do :cq. This quits Vim with an error code, and Git will abort the action....

2018-09-08 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Fedora AMIs gets ENA support

It’s been a while that Amazon introduced Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Support to their cloud. Amazon EC2 provides enhanced networking capabilities to C5, C5 with instance storage, F1, G3, H1, I3, m4.16xlarge, M5, P2, P3, R4, and X1 instances through the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). With the Fedora 28 release, the Fedora AMIs come with the ENA support. To check whether an AMI has the Enhanced Networking with ENA-Enabled, you can query the AWS EC2 API, using the AWS Command Line Interface....

2018-05-24 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury

PyLadies Pune Meetup - February 2017

The PyLadies Pune February Meetup was held on 6th Feb at reserved-bit. Kushal took a session on MicroPython on the MicroBit boards. Thanks to @ntoll for sending over the MicroBits for workshops. I reached down to the venue a bit late. On reaching the venue, Kushal told me that he forgot the boards at home and I went to his place to pick the MicroBits. Most of the participants were regular participants for the meetup so Kushal took a quick course on Python....

2017-02-06 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury