Darkserver Improvement: Pen Down

Lot of things to do! Lot of things to do! Lot of things to do! This was continuously revovlving around my head for last 2 weeks. I had to deploy the work i had done on staging instance and test it. But wait! I had never written a setup.py before, never made a RPM package before. While in college, I had a fascination toward RPM packaging as most of my college seniors had created a RPM package sometime or other....

2013-09-25 · 2 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Darkserver Improvement: Web Dashboard

There has been a lot of changes since I last posted my blog. Darkserver’s command line dashboard now supports the secondary architecture. You can easily shutdown the darkproducer of specifying which architecture to shutdown. .. code:: dark> shutdown darkproducer arch The support for multiple buildqueues was removed. After a rigorous testing on my laptop, i pushed the code to the dev instance that was assigned to me. But, a mysterious error happened, nor the pid or the daemon of darkproducer was getting created....

2013-09-09 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Darkserver Improvement: Week Two and Week Three

It’s been two weeks since i last posted my report on Darkserver. I could not post week two update as I had been down with bad health(seasonal changes + Loo). With the week coming to an end and /me recovering from fever, i badly hurt my right wrist and that was end of it. I somehow manage to move myself to a new city, Bengaluru. The week passed as a trauma for me :’(...

2013-07-10 · 2 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Google Summer of Code 2013: Welcome Kit

Today, I got my GSoC welcome Kit. YaY!

2013-06-25 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury

Darkserver Improvement: Week One

The ‘Google Summer of Code’ code period began on June 17 and it’s already one week into it. Prior to the beginning of the coding period, I went into the depths of the darkserver codebase. In the current version of Darkserver, the link present in the libimporter are hardlinks and it is pretty well visible on Github So, I removed the urls and the values from the libimporter and made it configurable via config files....

2013-06-24 · 1 min · Sayan Chowdhury