I recently switched to use Weechat as my primary IRC client from X-Chat. I did a setup of Weechat on my Digital Ocean box.

Weechat setup turned out to be super simple and out of the box. I am running Weechat within a tmux session. But the problem I was facing was due to poor internet connection (thanks to Airtel for this and this was my primary reason for switching to weechat from Xchat) I got disconnected from the DO box quite often.

So, I looked over for a solution to get IRC notfications to my mobile device and Weechat seems to already have a script for that called pushover.pl.

So, The script pushes the notifications from weechat to your device via Pushover.

Installing the script

/script install pushover.pl

Create an account in Pushover, verify your email and create an application. Once the application is created you find your application token, and your user key.


/set plugins.var.perl.pushover.token <your application token>
/set plugins.var.perl.pushover.user <your user key> 

Now, your weechat is set to send messages through Pushover, install the application on your mobile device and you will start receiving the irc messages whenever you are mentioned or a private message.

The script also offers other customizations like

'enabled' => ['on', "Turn script on or off"]
'service' => ['pushover', 'Notification service to use.']
'token' => ['', 'pushover API token/key']
'user' => ['', "pushover user key"]
'nma_apikey' => ['', "nma API key"]
'pb_apikey' => ['', "Pushbullet API key"]
'pb_device_iden' => ['', "Device Iden of pushbullet device"]
'sound' => ['', "Sound (empty for default)"]
'priority' => ['', "priority (empty for default)"]
'show_highlights' => ['on', 'Notify on highlights']
'show_priv_msg' => ['on', 'Notify on private messages']
'redact_priv_msg' => ['off', 'Hide the private message text']
'only_if_away' => ['off', 'Notify only if away status is active']
'only_if_inactive' => ['off', 'Notify only if buffer is not active']
'blacklist' => ['', 'Comma separated blacklist for notifications']
'verbose' => ['1', 'Verbosity level']
'rate_limit' => ['0', 'Rate limit in seconds']
'short_name' => ['off', 'Use short buffer name in notification']